Trying to pull it together

Hello readers

I have not been back for a while as I am still trying to extend my blog to places where it will make a difference. Eh, who am I kidding, I haven’t done much I’ve been too busy EARNING TO GET BY! And with Christmas just around the corner I have been trying to squeeze each last cent even more. As I mentioned I am in school as well since my employer mandates an advanced degree now so that has been keeping me busy as well with my final coming up next week. I did manage to get some time in to do some money saving things this past weekend though. I hosted Thanksgiving dinner here so I had the turkey carcass that I made 6 quarts of turkey broth from, I made 5 crock pot meals for under $60 for my entire family (of 5 including my heavy eater hubs) and I got out hunting with my hubs and oldest son. Hubs got a deer already and rather than paying to have it butchered we are attempting to do it ourselves. Its going great so far but a lot of work and a lot of mess! There has been some bad weather here as well this past week which also means even more planning and money spent because everything is harder when we are inconvenienced. I’m essential personal at my job almost an hour away so working in this weather gives me panic attacks since when we got our cars we opted for the better gas mileage driving so far to work over built “tough”.

I also planted a bunch of “leftovers” to grow over the winter on my windowsill and actually have some decent growth! I’m excited about harvesting the real product eventually. Trying to come up with Christmas gifts for two almost twelve year olds with no money to spend is hard. They both want video games systems and while I’m not totally opposed, I only have about $300 to spend between them and that wouldn’t even cover a system so it looks like finding other ideas. The only other feasible idea they have given us is nerf guns. So I’ve gotten those, but am totally lacking in other ideas since they no longer play with many “toys”. Anyone out there have ideas? They occasionally play action figures and legos but they seem to be outgrowing that as well (One of them is very mature and the other is a bit immature for his age-still wants to wear costumes and feety jammies to the grocery store and play with stuffed animals etc) so pleasing them both is a task. Ugh. I love this time of year but wish I had more time and money to devote to it. Anyway, nothing real exciting today, no big rants, just tired exhausted Mom trying to keep her readers around! Oh, I am trying to go “no poo” and am on my 3rd week of transition…that is quite interesting and money saving…. check it out. If all goes well I will post my results!

Have a good week readers and if you come up with anything new, let me know! Also, please “follow” and “share” my page to help me increase followers so we get more money saving ideas and tips here!


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